Greetings from the future!


Everyone know that hackers love things from the future, what most people don’t know is that we have already discovered time travel. To go to the future, you go to Japan. To go to the past, well, you go to the south. To see Russia, you go to Alaska.

Imagine my joy when Famima opened near me in L.A. It is a Japanese chain of convenience stores that has been “ported” to America. In Japan they are called Family Mart: You are one of the family here! They are like an upscale 7-11 (but it is from 6am to 2am–even LONGER hours!) full of must have sundries and exotic splurges. Where else can I get sushi, Actifed, Jolt Cola, and a Tomato Mozzarella Panini warmed up for me at one in the morning?

So my L.A. got that just much closer to being Blade Runner’s L.A. and I got just that much closer to my next Pocky fix. So in true hacker fashion, I have my double Jolted lunch. If you would have ever told me how excited I would get from soy beans and tofu when I lived in Indiana, I would have balked. But then again, I would still be living in the past.

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