Let’s Make a Musical

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New game: let’s make a jukebox musical.


  1. Pick any of your music libraries, as long as you can play all of YOUR music on shuffle. (No playlists. No channels. Live the shame of the music you own!)
  2. You can skip any music without words for free.
  3. You get 10 skips.

This is your new musical. In the real world, I expect we will have to have some reprises and maybe some rough editing, but here is mine:

Defying Gravity (Wicked Sound Track)
Cosmic Girl (Jamiroquai)
Satellite of Love (Eurythmics Cover)
Born This Way (Lady Gaga)
I Love U In Me (Prince)
You Can Sleep While I Drive (Melissa Etheridge)
Human Nature (Madonna)
Come Into My World (Kylie Minogue)

Title: Cosmic Girl


Elphelba, a young witch is leaving her small town, her school, and Glenda — her first crush. Glenda, unable to face their love, let’s Elphelba leave without her. (Defying Gravity)

When Elphelba’s flying spell goes awry, she finds herself transported out to the big city…on another planet! In another galaxy! She’s not in Oz anymore! (Cosmic Girl)

The new green “it” girl finds herself in the center of the intergalactic party circuit and meets lots of space ladies on the way that put the zero-g in “good times.” (Satellite of Love) She was never running away from Oz, she was running away from herself. (Born This Way) Until she meets an older women who teaches her to love herself. (I Love U in Me)

Glenda, ready to be with Elphaba, has tracked her through time and space to find her with her living new life.  Is Elphaba ready to stop running? Where does her heart belong. (You Can Sleep While I Drive)

She rebuffs Glenda as too late, and tries to be hard and send her away. (Human Nature) But ultimately, her homeward was never Oz, or the intergalactic party circuit — but with her true love. (Come Into My World)

(Cosmic Girl – Reprise)

Suck it “Mama Mia!” I’ll be accepting applicants for the movie version once we wrap on the west end.

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