Hooded Cape

I am working through some sort of hoodie obsession. I wanted a cape for an event. I started out as Very Easy Vogue V8959. I liked the style, but the sizes would need to be adjusted. (hint: I am not in the misses size range).

The first thing was adjusting the pattern up a couple of sizes. I traced everything into muslin and used a hem ruler and french curve to expand the pieces. It took several rounds of alteration before the proportions were right. Imagine if you just expanded a baby, it doesn’t look like an adult. You need to make it longer than wider.

I found this amazing rayon upholstery fabric that looked like something from a 90’s Versace knock off, which is exactly what I wanted. Once I had the muslin the way I wanted, The next challenge was to cut the final fabric to maintain symmetry and make good use of the oversized pattern.

Other than size, the major alterations were the addition of a large scarf/collar and a hood. I liked both the right and wrong side of fabric, so I didn’t want to line it. I used my serger to roll hem finish all the seams and hems so I could leave it unlined. I whip stitched upholstery cording to the hemline to give it more weight and to make it even more 90’s trashy. I used a thinner cord to line the hood.

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