Civil War?

After Obama’s reelection, Republican pundits like Rove and Trump called for a revolution, but after watching the vote for Hurricane Sandy relief, I wonder if it is more of a civil war?

The NY Times has a map of who voted for and against Hurricane Sandy relief here. The obvious first take away is that the only people who voted against relief were Republicans. But take a second look, a strong majority republicans voted YES.  70% in fact (161 YES vs. 67 NO). More telling was that it was SOUTHERN Republicans who made up most of the 67 NO votes.

I was startled, because of the nation’s strong support in the wake of both Hurricane Katrina and the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Many of these representatives asked for, received, and used federal aid and insurance programs then. But when Yankees need help, they seemed to, well, rebell.

Maybe America is not far from Europe’s North/South Woes.






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