Open Letter to Washington DC

This is an open letter to our President, our congress people, and our senators:

By far, the worst thing revealed by the Wikileaks cables, has been how America has reacted. Corporations have been pressured into being secret thugs. People have been threatened with assassination by American officials. Speech and press have been shutdown.

Today Osama Bin Laden is still free, but a journalist is in jail and the focus on an international manhunt. One killed innocent people. The other embarrassed our politicians. I can see that Washington values its own pride more than the lives of its citizens.

I watch in horror how politicians have reacted the the challenge of facing the truth behind their actions and words. Wikileaks is not the only people publishing these leaks. They have been reported by many news papers and news outlets. You politicians show your cowardice by attacking the messenger, and attacking an individual because you think you can silence him the easiest. I am sure that Nixon would have loved to arrest Woodward and Berstein as traitors. Clinton would have probably jumped at a chance to silence all the reports of his shady S&L connections. But that isn’t how things work in America, at least it wasn’t how things used to work.

I am a proud American. I stand behind truth, liberty, and the American way. From what Defense Secretary Robert Gates has explained, nothing in these leaks has placed people in harms way. All they have done is expose corruption at great embarrassment.

Are we to be a nation of laws? Or we to be a nation of secrets and deals, civilians sent to die for foreign favors, lies told and lives destroyed?

As my representatives, what will you be doing to restore America’s freedoms and honor?

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