Game vs. Play

I wonder what Western extravagance will do to the brains of kids? At all times kids have games. They have pre-packaged sets of rules and goals. All kids have to do is play their games. They play them on computers, on their TVs, on games boards, on their phones, etc.

Poor kids don’t always get games, they just have to play. If you didn’t have a game given to you, you would play house, or restaurant, or just draw. You would have to make up you own rules, determine you own goals. A lot of play isn’t even about achieving a goal, it is about exploring and imagining a bigger world or even a different self.

Sometimes the act of inventing the “Calvinball” is more fun and more important than the game of “Calvinball” itself.

When they grow up, will the children of games be able to live in a world where all of their goals and options not prescribed?

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