Shill, Baby, Shill!

Sarah Palin, maybe if you were in the Gulf filling your mouth with as much oil as you do with your own foot, Louisiana would be safe!

First of all, it should come as no small irony that the former Governor of Alaska doesn’t seem to know that The Alaska Pipeline had its third largest spill last week. The Pipeline, which is 47% owned by BP of Gulf Coast fame, spewed an estimated 5,000 barrels into previously pristine Alaska.

Yes Sarah, the 5,000 barrels onshore is technically “better” than the millions floating in the Gulf, but your logic is like, “Look, Dr. King! Look at all of those people starving in Africa. We feed our slaves in America, when are you going to get it?”

A lesser tragedy doesn’t make the other one any better. Instead of cozying up to oil companies and letting them befoul our planet in return for kickbacks and obscene profits, why aren’t you pushing for REAL change and safer energy? Why can’t we use American scientists and education to start a new energy economy?

Oh that’s right, when your husband wasn’t part of the Alaska secessionist movement,  he spent 18 years working for BP.  Sarah, you would deny the existence of gravity and insist that the Earth were flat to rationalize your “policies.” Only someone as shameless as you could point to the tragedy of the Gulf and pretend that this nullifies or at leasts masks the concerns people have about your own state’s leaking oil.

You have sold out and continue to sell out America and her people just to prolong your own 15 minutes of fame. When they finally do end, and you are nothing but a bizarre and derided footnote in pop-history books, I hope you will have found it worthwhile. Until then, Shill, Baby, Shill!

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