Does that mean people can get bail outs now?

Whatever your side on the this week’s Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United v. FEC, pretty much everyone agrees that this is a historical game changer for the Unites States. Corporations were just granted protection under the First Amendment, making them, in a sense, human beings with human rights instead of, well, corporations.

What other rights should corporations have? Should they start to bear arms? Let’s just cut to the chase, skip paying for campaign propaganda, when will corporations get the 14th Amendment and get the right to vote?

I have never met a citizen who was too big to fail. Should we start bailing out broke celebrities like they were banks and auto makers?

We started our Declaration of Independence with “We the People…” not some NASCAR-esque, “We the People, as brought to you GE Financial Services, AIG, and the General Motors Group…”

The talking heads who love this decision talk about corporations like they are just groups of people, and why shouldn’t groups of people have rights like people? First of all, groups of people are called mobs, and mobs do not have more rights than individuals. That is the point of having a Constitution that limits what the government and thus also the mob of people, can do to individuals. We as a people cannot take away an individual’s rights of speech, religion, arms, etc. As a mob or corporation, we are supposed to have less rights that the individuals.

If a corporation kills someone, do they also get the death penalty? When corporations steal, do they all go to jail? No, even with the worst of crimes, a corporation just dissolves (and may be reformed later). You cannot have rights without responsibilities.

Lastly, China says thank you Supreme Court! What percentage of America’s debt, corporate interest, or even companies are foreign? After this ruling, foreign cash has all the same rights as Joe Q Public American. Well, that is if you normal citizens also had billions of dollars. So much for any form of campaign reform. Our next election will be brought to us by the same people who brought us the housing market.

Sign the petition, Move to Amend.

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  1. elissa says:

    brilliant. and i signed.

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