Gay Troop Surge?

May 2009, reported that our continuation of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” had resulted in 13,000 troops being dismissed since the policy started in 1993. This week, President Obama says we need 30,000 more troops for Afghanistan. We can stop acting like the War on Terror is more important than our War on Gays now.

While ranting, we are well into one of the worst financial disasters ever facing America, but Wired reported today that the amount our government spends on spying on its own citizens would “shock” and “confuse” us. So rich people get bail outs and you get billed to have your government spy on you. So we can stop pretending like the Economic Recovery is more important that Keeping Us Under Control.

Honestly though, if I were in charge of a giant, corrupt government that taxed everyone to pay for multi-million dollar bonuses for a couple of my rich friends, fought unpopular wars, and made second class citizens out of people to curry favor with the bigots…I would probably want to spy on my citizens too. I would worry that one day people, even the bigots, would realize that they had been duped and fleeced. Their money, futures, and nation were stolen and sold. They had their dark and short-sighted impulses satisfied to keep them occupied while a select few were robbing them blind. It is like we have been getting NASCAR branded lollipops while they have been robbing our houses and selling our children into slavery. But wow, the Dale Earnhardt Jr.-sicle makes it all worthwhile.

P.S. NY, you can choke on it!

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