UPF Attack!

As the holidays approach, everyone I know is frantic with work, family, and avoiding the economic fall out of the Bush Administration. Being the aspbergers that I am, I am obessing over a series of UFPs (UnFinished Projects). They haunt me at night, alone the way UFOs haunted Maulder. And like him, I WANT TO BELIEVE….that I can get them done.

So instead of sleeping, and as a way to ignore the impending inflation, or deflation, or conflation; I banged out a whole slew of UFPs. I:

  • knitted a collar
  • beaded up a bag
  • made a complete caveman outfit of faux-fur vest and boots
  • stitched up a sassy little faux-fur muff to hang out with the caveman
  • applicated a Sleepy Owl pyjama T-Shirt
  • scrapped together a Bold Cutout tablecloth

So I am out of immediate UFPs and hoping that the Obama Administration was working as hard as I was.

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