JMX4ODP Ver. 0.3.3!

I am proud to announce J4O ver. 0.3.3 is done. J40, is my open source library for simple, automated management of Java applications using the Java Management Extensions (JMX) standards. It allows for developers to easily:

  • wrap objects with proxy JMX MBean
  • add monitors
  • create scalable event threads to handle monitor and jmx events
  • use JMX over the network to manage distributed applications
  • extensible discovery mechanism for developers to locate services locally or across the network
  • easy to use property file MBeans to allow in memory changes of shared config values.

I started working on the v2 fork a while ago, which is a grand redesign destined to live a long time in half done land. Don’t worry though, v2 will be compatible with all the 0.3 code! v2 focuses on pojo services managed completely as MBeans. I know, just what everyone needs, another microkernel.

But realizing that I had some missing short term needs in v0.3.2, I set about to make a couple changes for v.0.3.3:

  • The Automatic Mbean creation has been simplified by the creation of the AgentManager.
  • Redoing the PropertyReader to be much more robust. Also added eventing for objects that want to watch property changes.
  • Adding a set of pool classes for better load management.
  • Updating the threaded event object to follow the new event emitters.

All in all, I am really excited by the new expansions to JMX under 1.6, but I am disappointed that many of the best ones are still only the the com.sun space  and still seem only partially baked…but that is another posting.

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