You car’s warrenty is about to expire…

Just a quick question. Turns out that the NSA wasn’t just listening to the “bad guys,” they were listening to everyone. The NY Times reported that the NSA was doing widespread tapping of phone calls and emails. They don’t have a number of Americans spied on, but the calls and emails ranged in the “millions.”

Wired reported that tens of thousands not only had their phones tapped, but also their credit records.

It is pretty clear that we haven’t caught Osama with all this data, but could they at least find the guys doing the “Your car’s warrenty is about to expire” calls? Those are clearly illegal and widespread. What good is a police state if it cannot even stop millions of illegal phone calls?

Second, who is falling for this? These calls have to be expensive, so they have to be making money. What kind of people are sending them checks? (And why do I expect that they are disproportionally from red states?)

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