Project Runway Requests

It has been a while since the last auf’ing and season 6 was supposed to start on Lifetime in January (Filming finished in October!). Like all fans, I am hoping for quick conclusion to the Bravo/Lifetime legal drama and a quick return to the runway.

However; since there is this moment to reflect, I would like to ask the producers to re-introduce 3 things that have been lacking in the last two seasons:

1) The Road To Runway

Nothing sets the show up like watching it come together, literally. As fans we get a chance to either imagine ourselves as designer wannabes pitching ourselves to the judges, or to be the incredulous people behind the table faced with another condom dress.

The first couple of episodes are so packed with contestants, that you never get a real feel for the ones who get auf’d early. This episode sets up the backgrounds and made it fun to pick early favorites.

2) The Reunion Show

Every relationship, especially the dysfunctional ones, need closure. The second you see someone in season smack talking to the camera, you immediately think “Ohhhh, this is going to come up on the reunion show!” Seasons 4 & 5 did us fans wrong by denying that guilty pleasure.

Also, we live in hope of another Drunk Guadalupe Moment. Oh Tim, you sum it up so well.

3) Tim’s Podcast

And speaking of Tim summing it up, what happened to his podcast? Once again seasons 4 & 5, who were you trying to kid? Was it because of your fight with Bravo? Did you just stop caring? It’s like we don’t even talk anymore.

Tim’s weekly podcast was essential listening for all the nitty-gritty details. What happened when Keith cheated in season 3? How did that hemline look on Kara’s dress? How long did Andrea cry? Santino said what?!?

So much goes on behind the scenes and between the edits, viewers spend a lot of time second guessing everything. Tim’s podcast took the time to explain what we couldn’t see on through the TV or didn’t see due to time. Tim, always the educator, also explains what people are looking for and gives the viewer an understanding of what people are thinking.

Sure, they made Tim post a sad little web entry for each episode, but it is sparse and completly lacking in insight. Plus, who just doesn’t love to hear him talk?!? Tim Gunn is the Patrick Stewart of the fashion world. There  I said it and you know it is true!

So Project Runway, to be honest, you stopped being golden after season 3. But, I love your show, and I think we can fix it. Your attention to detail, quality, and the viewers made your show a hit. Come back to us so we can come back to you.

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