First Promises

Yesterday we got a new president; complete with new hopes and promises. I am sure that there is a long list of people with even longer list of demands and advice. But long lines never stopped me before. Things I would like to see from the new administration in the first couple of weeks:

  • Stem Cell Research

Science has always been America’s strong point. Our innovations have made us the people we are today and one of history’s leading nations. While we have bowed out of stem cell research, other nations are racing ahead to advancements.

The longer we wait to resume science, the further behind we get. We risk losing a key treasure that has made America great. We risk future generations of scientist and innovators.

Beyond the economics of it, as we bow out of stem cell, we bow out of future medicines and treatments. We shun the hope of a better quality of life.

  • Close Gitmo

I don’t know if this even needs explanation. Our judiciary system is the envy of the people of the world. We have certain inalienable rights and we are innocent until proven guilty.

Gitmo, its network of secret other jails, its torture, its secret trials; none of it can remain.

  • Abolish the TSA

Not since the IRS has three letters been hated so much. It cost a lot of money and does very little good. California just approved a $10B plan to build a high speed railroad…mostly I think to avoid the TSA.

  • Revoke the Defense of Marriage Act

Read Loving vs. Virginia and get over it everyone. Unfortunately marriage is a loaded word. To the government it is simply a contract that incorporates two people.; not terribly romantic, nor holy. People with agendas have been trying to co-op this term from both sides of the debate.

But while the term is a legal term, it must be defined with fairness and diginity for all people.

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