If Dollars Were Votes.

The BBC is watching the money our candidates are raising. By this date, Barack Obama had out raised John McCan by a wide margin: $468,841,840 to $224,841.840. If those dollars had been votes, the Obama would have won by a landslide.

It is easy to dimiss the cash as from rich interest groups, but the BBC’s break down of donations by industry really cought my eye. These dollars are the truest endorsement of each industry. So who likes who?

McCain is preferred by:

  • Retirees. (When they are not confused into voting Buchanan)
  • A slim margin of the Real Estate market.
  • Ties with Obama for Misc Finance. (Hedge fund managers hedging their bets?)
  • A Close lead from the Insurance industry.
  • Other than retirees, his only other large win is from the Oil & Gas industry. Surprise!

Obama on the other hand takes quite a few more commanding leads. Eight (8) to McCain’s two (2).

  • Obama ties for Misc Finance.
  • He has close leads in Misc Business and Commercial banks.

The majority of his $224M lead comes from:

  • Lawyers and Law Firms
  • Securities and Investments
  • Health Professionals (Such a huge margin, that I would be nervous of medical aid if i were McCain)
  • Business Services
  • Civil Servants and Public Officials (Might have something to do with how the current administration illegally fired people for having the wrong political beliefs)
  • Educators
  • TV/Movies/Music
  • Computers/Internet

This seems to be pretty broad support from a pretty diverse range of industries. These are people who all have a lot invested in America’s economy, pop-culture, health, education, and continued computer innovation; all crucial areas. They seem to overwhelmingly endorse Obama and that is putting your money where your mouth is.

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