Viva La eReader

The Illiad


Several months ago I got my hands onto a iRex iLiad. I am very excited about ePaper, I think people haven’t even begun to imagine the potential. So, getting an iLiad was more about wanting to see this chunk of Star Trek future up close and personal than what I thought to be the future of reading…


I may have been wrong.


When I first looked into the iRex, rumors of an Amazon Kindle had been on the net for a while, and I do love Amazon like the Pope loves the second coming of Jesus; but unlike the apocalypse, I couldn’t wait any longer. I’ll spare you an iLiad vs. Kindle rant because they both look amazing to me. Gadgets to me are like black shoes to my sister. She can never have enough. They all look the same to me, but she’ll explain in breathless detail the merits and special niches that each pair fits.


After a couple of weeks with my eReader, I could have a dozen and still want more. (But this one makes me look thinner!)


Even though I don’t have a Kindle, I am still excited that Amazon made it. It justifies the market. Several months ago my eReader was a novelty loved by me and a few other technofetishists, but now Amazon has made them buzzworthy.


Newsweek gave the Amazon eReader a fluffy review, and immediately bloggers started chatting up one side or the other. People were taking interest! Granted, people are talking about eReaders and not the ePaper. So people are kind of missing the story in a way; but then again, maybe I am missing the point.


I find myself reading a lot more. I love syncing my news feeds. I even keep all my travel docs and etickets on the thing (I fantasize about trying to get the gate attendant to scan my iLiad screen under his little bar code reader. Then I think about being tased.)


I hope that the eReader fad spreads just like that online book seller fad did. More so, I hope ePaper escapes the eReader to really do some cool things….hopefully before Jesus shows up again.



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